Basic Humanities & Sciences

Basic Humanities & Sciences

The Department of BH&S at MIET marches towards creating engineers capable of attaining supremacy in every new technology and innovation with commitment and enthusiasm. It was established in the year 2007 with an intake of240 students, the intake has now increased to 420 students.

Science and Humanities are branches of the same tree whose aspirations are directed toward ennobling Man’s life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom.


Basic Engineering Department established at the inception of the College had a modest beginning with experienced faculty members. Since then it has steadily grown in size and stature. The department has a rare blend of very dynamic and qualified faculties of basic sciences and humanities such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Communicative English and Environmental Science . All the six sections of I.B.Tech are taken care of by the department. The department provides concept oriented subject knowledge through high quality Teaching supplemented with practical training.

The department has state-of-the-laboratories with good infrastructural facilities to meet the demands of present day international scenario. The department has 18 well experienced, qualified and dedicated teaching faculty and 05 supporting staff. It has well equipped lab facilities including Physics, Chemistry and English Communication lab along with 10 Mbps leased line internet connectivity provided for each and every staff rooms for their individual research work and digital class room having DLPs. The department conducts intensive courses, Seminars, Workshops, Guest lectures and Technical Symposia on latest trends and Technologies.

Laboratory details of BH&S Department:

The experiments in the laboratory sessions will be done with real time exposure and for better understanding. The Department has a total of 3 physical labs with well equipment

S.noName of LabLabs Conducted
1Engineering Chemistry Lab
  • Meldes Apparatus
  • 1MHz Advanced Function Generators
  • Digital Multimeters
  • Advanced Regulated Power Supplies
  • Optical Fiber Kit
  • Spectro Photo Meters
2Engineering Physics Lab
  • Travelling Micro Scopes
  • Laser Diode Apparatus
  • Trainer Kits for all experiments of electronics practicals (LCR ,Zener Diode, Thermistor and Energyband gap of Semiconductor)
  • All Mechanical Experiments.
  • Digital Analytical Balance
  • Hot air oven and water baths
  • Digital pH meters
  • Digital Spectro photo meter
  • Digital Photo calorimeters
  • Digital Conductivity meters
  • Redwood Viscometers
  • Pensky Marten Flash point Apparatus
  • Aniline Point Apparatus
3English Communications Lab
  • Computers
  • Pentium
  • Processors
  • Headphones
  • LAN Network